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Candylab Toys was born out of our desire to revive the glamorous ’60s American modernist vibe and carve it into awesome contemporary wood toy designs. >>>>>

Toys Gabriele Galimberti Toy StoriesToy Stories | Photos by Gabriele Galimberti

For over two years, I visited more than 50 countries and created colorful images of boys and girls in their …

Toys Avakai FamilyAvakai | Design thinking for intuitive

The Avakai family is a real piece of craftsmanship.

Toys Cubetto PlaysetPrimo Toys | Cubetto Playset

Cubetto Playset helps children learn programming, backed by Randi Zuckerberg, Massimo Banzi, Arduino and PCH International.

Toys Little Words Lavabre GalliotLittle words with Laureline Galliot & Claire Lavabre

Do you remember a special gift you received when you were a child? Laureline Galliot Once, my father brought me …

Toys Little Words TorsteinsenLittle words with Fredrik Torsteinsen

The Torsteinsen Design team consists of husband and wife Fredrik and Solveig Torsteinsen, plus Vidar Øverby.

Toys Mike Ping PongPing Pong | Design by Mike Mak

A multi-functional coffee table, play table and chalkboard surface in one, Ping Pong is a transformation of an ordinary everyday …

Toys AeroplayAeroplay Kites | Design by Lily Li

Aeroplay Kites is a fun and colorful do-it-yourself kite packaging for children between the ages of 9 to 12.

Toys Ola MireckaWęże/Makarony | Design by Ola Mirecka

Węże/Makarony is a soft indoor playground upholstered by hand knitted woolen sleeve.

Toys Mike Mak CarDream Car | Design by Mike Mak

Iconic car bodies made from natural walnut, beech and poplar wood and finished with chalkboard paint.

Toys Noga RavinWho’s Who | Noga Ravin

“I am A young designer, originally from Israel, but now based in Poland”.

Toys TsumikiTsumiki | Building block in Japanese

This doll house shaped wooden block set has beautifully soft colors and consists of 41 pieces.

Toys Cuddly BirdCuddly bird | Calming security blanket

Use this soft organic cotton jersey cuddle as a calming toy or cuddle blanket to comfort your baby with.

Toys Boomini HouseBoomini Wood | A home for a modern doll

A spacious house consisting of four parts, which can be freely combined with each other horizontally. Made from certified plywood. …

Toys Mathery PastelloPastello | Design by Mathery studio

Pastello – Draw Act is a dedicated environment based around the re-imagination of traditional drawing tools and processes.

Toys HoversLittle words with Floris Hovers

Do you remember a special gift you received when you were a child? When I was young I collected a …

Toys_Jäll&Tofta_Moustache_01Mr. Moustache | Design by Jäll & Tofta

Constructed from 100% recycled paper and nut veneer. The used pulp is completely biodegradable and recyclable, chlorine and acid free. …

Design_ALittleWords_NathalieBruyère_01Little words with Nathalie Bruyère

In association with architect Pierre Duffau, Nathalie Bruyère founded studio Duffau&Associés, in Toulouse (France). The studio works on the creation …

Toys_KarlZahn_DovetailAnimals_01Dovetail Animals | Design by Karl Zahn

Three beautifully polished wooden shapes, whose dovetail joints converge to form an animal. Collect other Dovetail Animals and swap parts …

Toys_FortStandard_BalancingBlocks _01Balancing Blocks | Design by Fort Standard

Balance these ten faceted stone-size shapes to create your own sculpture. Tumbled in a water-based paint, and packaged in a cotton …

Graphic_Kobayashi_Atomic_01Kota Kobayashi | Atomic Bomb

This piece is to be sent out to all the commanders in chief of the world through the organization United …

Toys_Milimbo_Little_Little_red_01Milimbo | Little Little red

A counting game to play with the story of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Inside a box slightly larger than a matchbox …

Toys_Serrano_Finger_Tatoos_01Hèctor Serrano | Fairytale temporary tattoos

Designer Hèctor Serrano has designed a new range of temporary tattoos for the children’s hands, Finger Farm and Finger Fairytale: …

Toys_RitaPinheiro_01Matilde Beldroega | Created and designed by Rita Pinheiro

Matilde Beldroega items are always one-of-a kind, handmade one by one with great care and attention to detail.

Toys_AmyChen_Betsey_01Amy Chen | Betsey Johnson Limited Edition KidRobot

“This is a limited edition KidRobot, inspired by American fashion designer Betsey Johnson. The concept for the packaging is a …

Toys_Huang_ImajenExploration_01Kenji Huang | Imajen Exploration Tools

As we trend toward more and more use of cheap plastics and electronics in kids’ product, landfills are being flooded …

Toysk_Marble_Archimedes_01Marbles | Rock Me Archimedes

Archimedes was a Greek mathematician, scientist and all-around uber-genius who discovered the laws of the lever, which in playground terms …

co9-zittend-limeFatboy | CO9 XS

CO9 XXL is the ultimate brand ambassador. He holds all the brand values and will make a great statement with its huge …


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