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Tomás Alonso | Offset’ s sense for the space

Pillbox_Maxdesign_Offset_01With the same project approach that granted the media success of Offset table in 2012, Offset shelving system break down the traditional idea of shelf into basic components that represent the essence of the item.

Proportion, functionality and spatial relationship: a shelving system that offers something new maintaining a strong relationship with its use and context. Customizable and flexible, Offset shelving system can be made of multiple units, identical or different in size, finishing, color. All separate elements that can be combined into an almost numberless configurations. Constructed from a single aluminium extrusion, the basic unit works both as structure as well as the main storage element. A single line runs across the shelving system allowing for different accessories to be added, such as trays, boxes, dividers or book holders. The units can be left open or closed  with sliding doors in multiple materials and finishes. Extremely versatile thanks to  the wide range of finishes and colors,  Offset shelving system can be placed in kitchen and living, in entrance or office, both in residential that contract spaces, responding to the new spatial needs born from contemporary working habits in which the line between home and office is ever more blurred.




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