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Pitti Immagine Bimbo 2013 | What’s new! Part 2

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When you visit a trade-show you expect to see the big brands right at the beginning, with super glossy installation, nice girls passing out fliers and gadgets: a whole circus of communication and merchandise going on.

So you know it and you try not to be trapped by it — if you are really willing to discover the hidden gems. And so did we, heroically resisting to cocktail invitations, catwalk backstage, and lots of distracting escamotages that could have thwarted our way to the lower floor, where the coolest and small brands are [often] well-concelead. But our bravery was rewarded with the enchanting installation of KIDSREVOLUTION, a project by Giacomo Cavalleri that introduces to the system a revolutionary solutions for retailers.

On display there was the installation “Is this my shop?” where the brands part of this innovative project were presented in the most nice and simple yet captivating set.

Basically KIDSREVOLUTION is an online retail exclusively for retailers, offering a whole world of products for kids, from children’s wear to organic beauty products to design to services such as workshops for kids. The aim is fill the gap of the total lack of services for retailers specialized in kids’s apparel. So the boutiques could go online and shop for new and upcoming brands, design or already established names but difficult to find and get. And the offer doesn’t stop here, they also provide a full range of services from the creative workshops for kids to commercial strategies, all thought to be kids & retailers (& budget)-friendly: a real revolution in the system.

So thanks to “Is this my shop” we discover some cool stuff, such as the Swedish Jabadabado and its joyful furniture for kids, Cartunia Design cardboard lamps (amazing the crocodile lamp!), Cowshed beauty products (wonderful the Udderly Gorgeous Maternity set), LEAL light boxes (with customizable glass, perfect for a shop window or gift), the extraordinary Womby crib that cuddle the baby with musictherapy, Tane Organics + Filobio organic clothing line for new born with its innovative dash of light and delicious colours, Nina and other little things for TISSA a capsule collection for girls based on the dreamlike character of Nina, the amazing minimal and upcycled furniture of Katrin Arens, and last but not least an affordable evening gown for girls especially designed for Kidsrevolution by the acclaimed fashion designer Stefano Cavalleri.

So, let the [KIDS] REVOLUTION begins! Starting this September but already up and running through guerrilla pop up show-room where to place the orders.

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txt by Mircea Masserini


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