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Little words with Lorenzo Palmeri


Architectural degree from Politecnico of Milan and initial work experience and collaborative projects with Bruno Munari and Isao Hosoe. During the same period also studies music. Areas of activity range from architecture, interior and product design, teachings to musical production and composition. 


Do you remember a special gift you received when you were a child? Bycicle

What’s the most beautiful holiday you had when you were a child? To the sea

What was your favorite toy? Big jim

Were you good at school? Cleaver, if only….

Were you neat or messy? Both


Were you lively or thoughtful? Both

What did you use to draw? wide sky

What did you want to become in the future? Finally, what I am

What was your favorite item of clothing, the one you always wanted to wear? High basketball shoes


Did you prefer cowboys or Indians? Cowboy, but I felt a vague sense of injustice. Today I would say Indians.

Which was the worst  prank you played or suffered? Forgot

What was  your recurring whim? Don’t remember

How did you first graze your knee? Acrobatic bicycle


What was the food you used to hate most? Egg and tomatos pie

What’s the first lie you told? To the pastor

Do you remember a dirty word you used to say? “Soucazzividop”(invented)

If you could go back in time when you were a child, what “modern” game would you like to have fun with? I’d like to point something analog, but I think I would choose video games.


What ‘s the game you play (would like to play) with your son? Anyone but together

What movie or cartoon would you like to see (have seen) with your son? Lot of and together

Which book did you give him (would you like to give to him)? Rodari, Esopo…, very long list.

Which item would you like to leave to your child? I’d like few and righteous


In your opinion, what ‘s missing today in the world of children? Playing in the street

Do you have a project for the little ones in mind or have you already carried out one for them? More than one, coming workshops and book.



Concept and txt by Margherita Pincioni


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