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Little words with Julie Colombet


Julie Colombet lives in Lyon in France. Illustrations and drawings are important part of her life. When she was young, she started to take drawing and oiled painting lessons. Its learned her the different technical skills and know-how. She started to reproduce Canvas of Van-Gogh, Picasso and Lempicka. 


At this moment, she wanted to be as close as possible to her subject. After few times, she started to be bored. She wanted to do something else, to create her own pictures. It’s at the beginning of my art studies that she discovered the illustration, and more specially the children’s illustrations thanks to the book of Rouergue Editions.

Do you remember a special gift you received when you were a child? For one of my birthday, my parents offered me a teddy bear. It was beautiful and soft, but it was more than that: on his hand, there was a red heart, and when you pushed it, the teddy bear repeated what was said just before. I used to tell him to say I was pretty.


What’s the most beautiful holiday you had when you were a child? I liked all the holidays with my family. During summer, we used to go to the south of France or Spain. One of the strongest remember I have, it’s the snack time we had at the beach. I remember these moments every time I see “Madeleines”.

What was your favorite toy? My remembers about games are more about board games. We had a lot of board games. We were four kids and my father was playing with us all the time.

Were you good at school? I was kind of good student. I was very involved.


Were you neat or messy? I was a little bit messy: For me, to tidy, it was to put everything in the closets, wherever there was hiding places.

Were you lively or thoughtful? I was a lively child. All the house was full of energy.

What did you use to draw? I loved reproducing that I found beautiful in different book I read. I also reproduced a lot of Walt Disney characters.


What did you want to become in the future? I wanted to work in the kitchen of a restaurant. I was greedy and I thought that I could taste everything.

What was your favorite item of clothing, the one you always wanted to wear? I used to have a beautiful coat with green hairs. It was beautiful and so soft.

Did you prefer cowboys or Indians? I preferred the Indians.


Which was the worst prank you played or suffered? One day when I was at school, someone tripped me up and I lost a tooth on the floor. I never knew who did this, but I cried a lot: it’s sad to loose a tooth the day of your birthday.

What was your recurring whim? I didn’t do a lot of whims or I don’t remember it.

How did you first graze your knee? I don’t remember exactly maybe I fall down.


What was the food you used to hate most? A French one: “le boudin” (a French sausage) and I can’t still eat it.

What’s the first lie you told? I remember of one lie. I was playing down of our building with my friend Gaelle. I had to be home at 6 p.m.. Gaelle was allowed to come back her home at 7 p.m. So I had a change the time of my watch of one hour and I said to my parents that maybe my watch had stopped.

Do you remember a dirty word you used to say? Not specially. There were some but I don’t remember anymore.

If you could go back in time when you were a child, what “modern” game would you like to have fun with? I would like to play to The WII console video game. I’m sure we could have a lot of fun moments.

What’s the game you play (would like to play) with your son? I don’t know yet. But I love playing games, so we’ll play to a lot of different games.

What movie or cartoon would you like to see (have seen) with your son? “The Sword in the Stone” and “the 101 Dalmatians“. I loved this cartoon. I think there are so beautiful.

Which book did you give him (would you like to give to him)? When he will have the age, I will offer him the album “Philibert” illustrated by Quentin Blake.

Which item would you like to leave to your child? The mouse costume that my mom made for me.

In your opinion, what’s missing today in the world of children? I don’t know. Maybe time. I get the feeling that the world of children, that for me it’s a period very important and magic, is reducing more and more.

Do you have a project for the little ones in mind or have you already carried out one for them? I would like to create a book in tissue for the little ones. I think it’s a beautiful object. I had one when I was a kids, and I still have it.


Concept by Margherita Pincioni

Txt by Elviro Di Meo

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