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Here are the answers from the couple behind the cool brand eXkite that makes clothes of reused materials. Renzo grew up in the beautiful island Sardinia which is in the Mediterranean sea, and Eirinn grew up in the north, in cold magical Norway.


Do you remember a special gift you received when you were a child?

Eirinn_My first pair of slalom skis! White Head skis with silver writing. I remember I woke up and my parents told me to follow a yellow rope that lead me out of my bedroom, into different rooms, downstairs and finally in the garage I found my beautiful skis. My first new pair of skis. Before I always inherit from my older sister or brother.

Renzo_I remember the best my bmx bike! It was red and soo cool!


What’s the most beautiful holiday you had when you were a child?

Eirinn_Our many trekking holidays with my mum, dad ,my big sister and brother. We caried our tent and sleepingbags, compass and maps and food. Unforgettable memories of breathtaking nature and freedom for us kids!

Renzo_Growing up in Sardinia never really gave me a summer holiday like most children have that they go far away from home. Buy being so lucky growing up here in Sardinia made me have a daily holiday and I could play every day in the water – this childhood made me a real waterman. Since my parents ran a hotel and were too busy to leave anywhere during summer we therefor went away only for winter holidays – to fresh air and snow!


What was your favorite toy?

Eirinn_I do not remember any favorite toy, except from a lion peluche I won when I was about 5 years at a Bazaar outside our local grocery store – I named him Tyfus and actually he is now belongs to our daughter. I grew up at the countryside and we often played outside. Toys were not that important , but of course we had many toys like all kinds of bikes, balls, skies and we had a huge swings the older boys made the we used a lot. Indoor games where lego, drawing and my brothers cool race car track.

Renzo_Commodore 64, bmx and skateboard.


Were you good at school?

Eirinn_I was medium good. I had always too many interest and homework was not always first on my list and was done late at night.

Renzo_Just like Eirinn :)

Were you neat or messy?

Eirinn_I think my mum would say my room was quite a mess.

Renzo_Pretty messy.

Were you lively or thoughtful?

Eirinn_Both, I have always been lively and happy, but I had a more thoughtful period some years I was a bit teased in school and later as well when I became a teenager.

Renzo_Quite lively, also thoughtful for a period.

What did you use to draw?


Renzo_Not very special on drawing, even still with our daughter I do not manage to impress her so easy.

What did you want to become in the future?

Eirinn_An artist, I loved being creative and loved shapes, textures and colors. I dreamt of being a glass artist, but became a makeup artist and stylist.

Renzo_An athlete … in particular a tennis player … I did not succeed in tennis, but competed for years in kitesurfing on a very high level and still love doing sports.

What was your favorite item of clothing, the one you always wanted to wear?

Eirinn_Hmmm – do not really remember so far back that I had a item that I always wanted to wear. But I remember later that Dr. Martins was a must have of my dark “uniform”.

Renzo_A hood

Did you prefer cowboys or Indians?



Which was the worst  prank you played or suffered?

Eirinn_I was teased for some years in children school, by a girl in my class, so I guess I suffered for a while.

Renzo_Never teased others – got a bit teased for my glasses for a short time, but never suffered.

How did you first graze your knee?

Eirinn_Hmm – do not remember, but I am pretty sure it happened in the little street outside our house where we ran a lot, or biked etc etc. My mum have picked out many of those small stones from our knees.

Renzo_Did so many times and in so many different ways…

What was the food you used to hate most?

Eirinn_I do not remember, but I remember that I always picked of the pepper of the pizza. And I guess this does not count as food – but fish oil was a tough cookie to deal with. Blæeh!

Renzo_Liver – I still don’t know why kids needs to eat such a disgusting thing.


What’s the first lie you told?

Eirinn_My mum have to answer that because I do not really remember the first lie, but I do remember that I changed the time on my watch to pretend that I was in time even though  I came home 1 hour too late. I think I must have been like 8 years. I blamed it on my watch, but of course after a few times that was not working so well ;)

Renzo_Probably lieing about the time… to go swimming before the 3 hours we had to wait after lunch. In italy kids can not go in the sea before 3 hours after lunch…

Do you remember a dirty word you used to say?

Eirinn_No, it sounds maybe boring, but we did not really use dirty words, but “Faen” is a common swear word in Norway, which means somethig like “Damn”. Many uses that when they are angry or hurt themself or are just pissed off.

Renzo_Cacchio, means shit.

If you could go back in time when you were a child, what “modern” game would you like to have fun with?

Eirinn_We were fantasizing to play with telephones where we could see each other. Not much of a fantasy today!

Renzo_A slack line.

What ‘s the game you play (would like to play) with your son?

Eirinn_I hope we can do a lot of sports together, biking, kiting, trekking etc.

Renzo_Really look forward to go surfing together.

What movie or cartoon would you like to see (have seen) with your son?

Eirinn_The Norwegian stop motion animated feature film “Pinchcliffe Grand Prix”.

Renzo_The jungle book.

Which book did you give him (would you like to give to him)?

Eirinn_”When the robbers came to Cardamom Town” of Torbjørn egner, a book ALL norwegian kids have read and I love it! Great moral.

Renzo_Il piccolo principe.

Which item would you like to leave to your child?

Eirinn_A goldring I made together with my dad.

Renzo_A nice photo album of the family.

In your opinion, what ‘s missing today in the world of children?

Eirinn_I can not speak for all, but I am sure some fresh air  - more time outside, less phones, tv and computer games would do very well to many children. Many parents are overprotective which is also not too good for kids. Give kids some responsibility and the chance to try new things.

Renzo_A chance to do a lot of sports and outdoor games.

Do you have a project for the little ones in mind or have you already carried out one for them?

Eirinn and Renzo_We have made a very cool kids collection that we also see that the kids like a lot. Our jackets and vests are made of upcycled kites and each one of them are different, so all items are unique! They are the perfect windbreaker and since the fabric is so strong it is perfect for kids that roll around, climb and do not take too much care. Children can feel free and at the same time they look very cool.

All jackets tell their different story – some kites have travelled all over the world, some have won important competitions, some have lived their lives in snowy conditions, other tasted the salt of the many oceans. There are many parents saying “do not make your clothes dirty” or “no – do not go out, it`s too windy”. With this recycled jacket there is no excuse – go out and have fun! :)


Concept and txt by Margherita Pincioni


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