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Little words with Ilaria Rodella

Design Little Words Rodella

Do you remember a special gift you received when you were a child? A really ugly pyggy bank. >>>>>

Design Interview BaldareschiLittle words with Alessandra Baldereschi

Do you remember a special gift you received when you were a child? A brother to play with…

Design Nine Associati StudaNINE associati | Stüda

The AFOL (Adult Fan Of Lego) is a growing and increasingly demanding reality.

Design Costance Guisset FlamingoCostance Guisset | Flamingo

Flamingo is a desk brimming with finesse and ingenuity.

Design Femia Peluffo School Complex5+1AA Studio, Alfonso Femia + Gianluca Peluffo | School complex

To design a school means to get in touch with public and social matters (issues)… which ones in this case? …

Design Assemble PlaygroundAssemble | The Brutalist Playground

Assemble worked in collaboration with artist Simon Terrill to create the Brutalist Playground: an immersive installation that recreated a trio …

Design Zameret ParkTeMA | Zameret Park

In the past few years a new neighborhood at the eastern edge of the city of Tel-Aviv has been developed.

Design Small Design CircleCircle | Design by Small-Design

Children’s table with 4 stools. The round shape creates an intimate play environment for the children.

Design Emiliana Design OttawaOttawa | Design by Emiliana Design

Elements to create a special children’s entertainment corner.

Design De Form Play ChairPlay Chair | Design by deFORM

In days of routines, demands and responsibilities, it is still very important for children to be allowed to just play.

Design Dogtrot DotancrossDotancross | Design by Dogtrot

To grow. To grow in every possible way. Here is the keyword, the philosophy of the new brand Dotancross, created …

Design JKMM Architects SaunalahtiJKMM Architects | Saunalahti children’s house

JKMM won the Saunalahti children’s house competition with the design titled “Lowly Worm”. True to its name, the house worms …

Design Adreu Carulla The StoolerThe Stooler | Design by Andreu Carulla

The stooler allows you to reuse and recycle almost any object and turn it into a comfy stool.

Design MYPrototype Design WeekMy.Prototype | February 30th… be inspired!

Diego_Federico Angi
We have brought together 11 designers and put at their disposition 15 portfolios.

Design Estudio AmatamKalorias | Project by Estudio Amatam

Designing this space for children led us to a journey through time and space in search of that restlessness that …

Design Joongho Choi TableVillage | Design by Joongho Choi Studio

Village_Resembling a peaceful village in the woods, this table will stimulate the children’s emotional.

Design Studio Delle AlpiStudio delle Alpi | Anne Kieffe and Arnaud Mouriamé

Studio delle Alpi is a design studio founded in 2012 by Anne Kieffer and Arnaud Mouriamé, two designers who like …

Design De PontiLittle words with Giorgio De Ponti

Born in the countryside of Milan in 1962, he studied Engineering and Fashion Design in Italy, and then design and …

Design Nendo PoohPooh-table | Design by Nendo

A table collection for Walt Disney Japan, based on Winnie the Pooh and his friends.

Design BelisarioLittle words with Paolo Emilio Bellisario

Architect and designer passionate about photography. Since 2007 he is co-founder of ZO-loft architecture and design, an architecture and product …

Design BrugesStudio WWFJason Bruges Studio | WWF Experience

Jason Bruges Studio answered a unique WWF brief for a conservation themed installation at the charity’s new Living Planet Centre, …

Design Petstools ErnstingPetstools | Design by Hanna Emelie Ernsting

Petstools are not only stools or footstools, but delightfully cozy companions enhanced with new aspects. You can put your feet …

Toys Thinkk TruckTruck | Design by Decha Archjananun and Ploypan Theerachai

Truck is not a toy for children but it helps us organize things on working desk.

Design 55 Design KarpettKarpett | Design by 5.5 Designstudio

The “Tarkett Confort” is a product of distinction. At first sight, it looks like a bench, but it’s actually a …

LittleWord RogierLittle words with Rogier Martens

Rogier Martens (1978) is an Utrecht based designer from the Netherlands. Martens prefers objects with an unmistakable identity. In his designs …

Design SicoliAsterisk | Design by Christina Sicoli

The Asterisk puzzle stool is an interactive learning experience for children. From creation to utilization, the child is involved.

Design_Jäll&Tofta_Rocky_01Rocky | Design by Jäll & Tofta

Rocky is now even safer. We have achieved this by adding 4cm to the height of the bedrail. 

Design_Moupila_Bobby_01Bobby | Design by studio Moupila

Moupila is the design studio of Mieke Keukelier and Tim Schockaert. They found each other in their search for truth, …

Design_ReinierDeJong_Rek_01Rek bookcase jr. | Design by Reinier de Jong

Despite the iPad and its countless toddler apps, my two-year-old is very fond of his little books. And of course …

Design_Battistella_Nidi_01Battistella | Woody Collection

Inspired by nature, a room where the wood is a companion to study and the games that always gives new …

Design_Duepuntispazio_01Duepuntispazio | Original and functional accessories

Duepuntispazio: Mariagrazia and Cecilia, women and mothers attentive to trends and passionate to details. 

Design_Bruges_NatureTrail_01Jason Bruges Studio | Nature Trail

Jason Bruges Studio has completed a unique project for Great Ormond Street Hospital for children to improve their journey to …

Design_Luckyboysunday_01Luckyboysunday | Camilla Ebdrup and Camilla Kørschen

Luckyboysunday is a brand of modern luxury knitted art toys and soft furnishings for the home, inspired by an artistic …

Design_Cybex_Scott_01Cybex | Design by Jeremy Scott

The American designer has created a collection for Cybex, that is as colorful, loud and unique as the man who …

Design_LittleWords_WoodlyVinaccia_01Little words with Valerio Vinaccia

Woodly produces green furniture, wooden toys and furnishing accessories in a zero impact, sustainable fashion. Our research for a correct production …

A+A Cooren | Design by Designerbox n°2

The Lux box is a light box created and produced especially for designerbox.com. This illuminating idea reveals the sensitive creative …

Design_LittleWords_Palmeri_01.JjpgLittle words with Lorenzo Palmeri

Architectural degree from Politecnico of Milan and initial work experience and collaborative projects with Bruno Munari and Isao Hosoe. During the …

Design_Mostlikely_Boicut_01Boicut X Mostlikely | Limited Edition, Vienna, 2013

A lampshade, a poster or something else… You make it yourself ! Untill now we only produced lampshades in a simple …

Design_Durfee&Regn_GrowthTable_01Growth Table | Design by Tim Durfee & Iris Anna Regn

Marine plywood, Douglas fir, glass, rubber, drawing supplies Growth Table is one of a series of objects and spaces modified …

Gum design for kidsLittle words with Gum Design

Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi: they deal with architecture, industrial design, graphics, art direction for companies and events.


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