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Little words with Tabitha Bianca Brown

Book Little Word Tabitha Bianca Brown

What’s the most beautiful holiday you had when you were a child? On Christmas, my sister and I always visit my grandmother’s house. >>>>>

Book Nina Marie CornelisonOld Man & The Sea | Design by Nina Marie Cornelison

The assigned project was to design a limited edition book cover for the classic novel, Old Man And The Sea.

Book Carla Torres LarryCarla Torres | Larry and Friends

Much has been said about the lack of diversityin children’s books. But these discussions — as most conversations about diversity …

Book_MartaAltes_Workprogress_01Marta Altes | Work in progress

Some experiments with pencil shavings: GRRRRR… HELL YEAH! OLÉ! BUTERFLY FLOWER SWAN LAKE WAVE TOROOOO… 

Book_LitteWords_Nina_01Little words with Eloise Morandi

My name is Eloise Morandi and I’m the brand’s creator and designer of Nina. I was born in London in …

Book_LittleWords_Colombet_01Little words with Julie Colombet

Julie Colombet lives in Lyon in France. Illustrations and drawings are important part of her life. When she was young, …

Book_Altes_My_Grandpa_01Marta Altès | My Grandpa

“My Grandpa is getting old. But that’s how he is, and that’s why I love him”.

Books_LitteWord_Brummer_01Little words with Michéle Brummer

Michéle Brummer Everett was born and raised in South Africa. She later moved to the US where she received her …

Graphich_NormadeLeon_01Norma de Leon | Wonderful worlds

Norma de Leon AKA Muxxi is an illustrator and graphic designer from Guatemala city, her work is about imaginary creatures and surrealistic …

Book_Deuchars_Fingerprint_Art_01Marion Deuchars | Let’s Make More Great Placemat Art

Discover different and surprising ways of creating pictures with finger- and handprints. Create handprint birds, lions and reindeer; invent strange …

Graphics_Altes_Casa_Golosa_01Marta Altès | Casa Golosa

Casa Golosa is a very sweet project created by lovely Maria Fernandez Gordejo. She bakes the most amazing cupcakes, delicious …

Book_Milimbo_Hansel_Gretel_01Juanjo G. Oller | Hansel & Gretel

Hansel and Gretel by the Grimm Brothers told in pictures. Hansel and Gretel is an original all ages graphic book …

Book_Alexander_Her_Idea_01Her Idea | Rilla Alexander

Sozi loves ideas. The only trouble is, she can’t seem to ever finish them. Her Idea is a beautiful all-ages …

sampler-book-potw-01JenYing | I’m a sampler book

A fun and creative package design which holds a series of different printing techniques sample. The package design inspired by …

Book_Piqueira_Babuxa_01Gustavo Piqueira | Babuxa

Illustrated by Gustavo Piqueira, the book Babuxamakes use of brushtrokes and Indian ink as the main visual structure, with a game …


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