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5+1AA Studio, Alfonso Femia + Gianluca Peluffo | School complex

Design Femia Peluffo School Complex

To design a school means to get in touch with public and social matters (issues)… which ones in this case? >>>>>

Design Assemble PlaygroundAssemble | The Brutalist Playground

Assemble worked in collaboration with artist Simon Terrill to create the Brutalist Playground: an immersive installation that recreated a trio …

Design Zameret ParkTeMA | Zameret Park

In the past few years a new neighborhood at the eastern edge of the city of Tel-Aviv has been developed.

Graphics Kristi Minchin Greeting MachineGreeting Machine | Kristi Minchin

Kristi Minchin is a British Illustrator and 3D Artist currently residing in Bristol. Her practice, fuelled by an interest in …

Design Small Design CircleCircle | Design by Small-Design

Children’s table with 4 stools. The round shape creates an intimate play environment for the children.

Pillbox Favaretto PigPig | Design by Favaretto & Partners

Pig is a pouf/table/storage with strong playful and ironic character, to make the household space less tense.

Design Emiliana Design OttawaOttawa | Design by Emiliana Design

Elements to create a special children’s entertainment corner.

Design De Form Play ChairPlay Chair | Design by deFORM

In days of routines, demands and responsibilities, it is still very important for children to be allowed to just play.

Fashion Billieblush Lucille MichieliBillieblush | Set design by Lucille Michieli

Parisian artist Lucille Michieli studied at Estienne school of Illustration before working five years as a Graphic Designer for Agitateurs …

Book Little Word Tabitha Bianca BrownLittle words with Tabitha Bianca Brown

What’s the most beautiful holiday you had when you were a child? On Christmas, my sister and I always visit …

Design Dogtrot DotancrossDotancross | Design by Dogtrot

To grow. To grow in every possible way. Here is the keyword, the philosophy of the new brand Dotancross, created …

Graphics Lucille Michieli MaskMask | Lucille Michieli

Masks for Pitchfork Music Festival Paris X Klin d’œil. With Noémie Cédille and Agathe Boudin.

Fashion Chankklas SS15Chankklas | Summer Spring 2015

The concept of Chankklas was born to bring together the unique talent of craftsmanship and the timeless elegance of clean …

Graphics Little Words Elise EnjalbertLittle words with Elise Enjalbert

Do you remember a special gift you received when you were a child? I remember to have received a giant …

Design JKMM Architects SaunalahtiJKMM Architects | Saunalahti children’s house

JKMM won the Saunalahti children’s house competition with the design titled “Lowly Worm”. True to its name, the house worms …

Fashion Ditto HouseDittoHouse | Design by Molly Fitzpatrick

“We welcomed an adorable baby boy into our happy house this year! I quickly learned that comfy cozy blankets are …

Design Adreu Carulla The StoolerThe Stooler | Design by Andreu Carulla

The stooler allows you to reuse and recycle almost any object and turn it into a comfy stool.

Fashion Carousel BazaarCarousel & Bazaar | Pop. Whizz. Bang. Fun. Edgy. Irresistible.

Left, Whizz Bang Hooded smock features a large front pocket and drawstring waist in spots and Sedgwick City Shorts in royal …

Design MYPrototype Design WeekMy.Prototype | February 30th… be inspired!

Diego_Federico Angi
We have brought together 11 designers and put at their disposition 15 portfolios.


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